How flexible will your billing be?

We use a market leading billing platform, fully accredited and used by firms billing in excess of £2million per month.  We can bespoke rates at the click of a button, something only usually offered to larger clients, our billing platform works for sole traders as well as it does for multi nationals.  We are as flexible as you need us to be with no limitations.

Can I move seamlessly?

Absolutely.  Downtime is a few seconds at most, if at all.  The billing is clear and concise and you can access them online if required.  Any queries, we are only just a phone call away.

I’ve Heard That If I Leave BT I Won’t Get The Same Response Time Incase Of A Fault, Is This True?

This is an old wives tale.  Needless to say, it’s a common question and the answer is always no.  BT Openreach are the infrastructure arm of BT Group.  Ofcomm guidelines under the Enterprise Act of 2002 state that they must off equality of access to all providers using their infrastructure.  They offer the same service to a BT customer as they would to one of our customers.  If anything your service will be more streamlined as in the instance of a fault you just need to call us, we’ll make it a priority to get you up and running as soon as possible and where applicable we will offer a free of charge stand in service to tide you over.

Are You Financially Stable As My Previous Supplier Was Not?

Completely.  We are self funded, any mobile or landline hardware we provide we pay for in advance so there is never any risk that a customer could default on a payment to us and jeopardise our business.  It’s not the easiest way to grow but we’ve endured the adolescent years and now have a stable guaranteed revenue stream which is as resilient as it can be.  The majority of our competitors take money ‘loaned’ to them from a network in advance and use this to buy hardware and then this is ‘paid’ back monthly from the customers expenditure.  This is all well and good in theory but there will always be the element of risk of a customer not paying, which would result in an unexpected clawback, at anytime.  We chose not to take the easy route and self fund to avoid this.

How Do I Know You’ll Do As You Say, My Last Provider Promised Me The Earth & I Never Heard From Them Until Renewal Time?

You have our word.  Granted you may have heard this all before, we’ll back this up where possible, we’ll put you in touch with current customers, you can call them at your leisure and get real time feedback.  Not a ‘reference’ that was written at the initial point of contact, a true up to date reference from real customers with real opinions.  Customers are our livelihood, we work on the theory if we look after you to the best of our ability you’ll stay and we will grow, together.